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Financing solutions for businesses

Through Greeke's Global Financing Solutions, Groupe Sécure offers a flexible, fixed-rate financing program to help businesses acquire the life safety and security systems they need. need to protect their facilities and their budget.

Tailor-made solutions for small and large companies

Why finance the purchase of your security and personal protection equipment from Groupe Sécure?

Greeke financing solutions gives your company the flexibility to create a solution signed Groupe Sécure: 

You do not have to advance large sums upfront, and you determine the amount of your fixed monthly payments!

Unlike traditional bank loans, you can bundle equipment, installation and other costs into your financing solution, so you get a fixed monthly payment over two to five years . This way, you can be sure that your system will keep up with the evolution of technology and avoid eating up your budget from the start.

Greeke additionally offers the Lease with $1 Buyout and Fair Market Value Buyout with Technology Refresh programs, designed for you to own the equipment or upgrade it at the end of the lease.
rental, according to your needs.

Financing also gives you access to easy upgrade opportunities should you need to add life protection equipment, security systems, access controls, security devices or other items during or after installation – or at any time during the term of the lease.

Greeke will coordinate these upgrades more easily than if you opted for bank loan financing, without incurring the high and volatile interest rates associated with using a credit card.

Don't be overwhelmed by the initial cost of a system, because Greeke Financing Solutions has affordable financing programs to offer to protect your facilities without breaking your budget.

• Flexible fixed rate financing program


• Competitive monthly payment options and

   $1 redemption or fair value redemption

   merchant (technology upgrade or refresh)


• Consolidation of solutions for ancillary costs

  eligible, including the possibility of integrating the cost of

  preventive maintenance to the monthly payment


• Simple upgrades with the technology refresh program 


• Protection against fluctuating interest rates


• Funding of systems secured thanks to the process



• Credit application on one page


• Credit decision rendered within hours of the

    receipt of request

To start
Is your company eligible for the Global Financing Solutions program?

• Step 1
Choose your Safe Group equipment.

• 2nd step
Greeke and your Groupe Sécure representative develop
financing options together.

• Step 3
Complete the credit application.

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