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Access control

Secure your business!

This security service allows you to manage the opening and closing hours of your establishment. If the schedule established according to the personalized intervention plan is not respected, our remote monitoring center receives a signal and contacts the resource person to notify him.

Personalized schedule

  • Analysis of your situation

  • Establishment of a personalized schedule taking into account schedule variations between weekdays, holidays and other specific dates

  • Depending on your preferences, automatic notification to our remote monitoring center for early opening or late closing

  • Establishment of a grace period to avoid unnecessary interventions


If an employee or a member of the maintenance staff must have access to the premises outside of the scheduled hours:

  • He must identify himself by communicating with the remote monitoring centre.

  • Access is authorized or denied according to the procedures on file.

  • In the event of unauthorized access, the operator contacts a company official to inform them of the situation.


If, inadvertently, the employee accesses the premises by disarming the system outside of the scheduled hours and fails to inform the remote monitoring center in advance:

  • An officer calls the scene to identify the individual.

  • He applies the procedures listed in the file.

To learn more about access control for businesses, contact one of our experts!

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