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Peace of mind for your
investment in security

You know you can rely on your systemSecure Groupto help you stay vigilant for your business. With sophisticated electronics, your system can help providesolid protection and peace of mind. 

With ourQuality Service Plan(QSP), you can help protect your security investment with additional protection created exclusively forcover the cost of unexpected service intervention required by your system.

With ourQSP, your company will receiveadditional protectionto help keep your system running at its best without worrying about unexpected repair bills. 

OurQSPcan help give you peace of mind knowing thatdefective parts of your security system can be replaced at no additional cost.

Help keep your system running at its best

Technologies covered by theQuality Service Plan:

1- Video surveillance and digital recording

Our commitment to helping you protect all aspects of your business means providing some of the latest innovations in surveillance technology, including web-based services, digital video, image recognition and two-way communication.

2- Intrusion control and detection

In addition to our industry-leading intrusion detection solutions, we are also committed to offering new approaches, such as remotely monitored intrusion detection that can easily be integrated with your other systems.

3- Electronic access control

We offer advanced access management solutions that are designed to give you the means of control, such as the ability to track employee movements within the building, as well as the information you need to help you operate your company.

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